Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Robin Rescue

Scott burst through the door, panic on his face, urgency in his voice, " Mom come quick. You've got to come here."
This is what I encountered just beyond the door:
This poor little baby bird had somehow gotten his right leg stuck in the collapsed legs of an upside down collapsible chair that was leaning against a bench on our front porch.

Fortunately, laying on the bench was one of my gardening gloves. As I reached for the glove, I told Scott grab the camera to take these pictures. It was close by too.
Click. Click.
Gave Scott the camera and grabbed the bird.

Scott had a tough time trying to take a picture.
Had him give the camera back to me.
Fumble, fumble.
Realized that it is difficult to take a picture when my right hand is holding a baby bird and the shutter release is on the right side of the camera. Thank goodness it is auto focus.
Fumble, fumble. Click.

When I put the little robin in the yard, he just lay there stunned. His mother was doing quite a bit of chirping off to the side, but he just stared blankly at me.

When Scott and I moved to the other side of the yard, Momma drew near. She tried to get him to move but initially all he did was close his wings. What's a mom do when a kid won't listen? She then offered him a reward, if only he would follow her. However, it didn't work. He watched her efforts with seemingly little interest. Darn kid.

Hoping that Momma would work it all out, we went inside, after I got a few close up shots. About 45 minutes after the avian adventure began, we went outside to check on things and found that the chick hadn't succumbed to to temptation or Momma's chirps.Long boring story made short...
Young 'un was placed in the backyard so that children and dogs couldn't get to him.
His squawking when I picked him up this time drew the attention of some black bird and robins. The black birds tried to attack him. The robins united to protect him.
We went inside to let the birds do what they do without our interference. Since that time, the chick has disappeared - presumably into some brush behind the house. That is being presumed because a adult robin is perched in a tree above the area squawking as it flaps it's wings in a threatening manner.I've included this picture of a JP II rose so that the raindrops serve to illustrate why all the pictures look so dreary.

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