Sunday, June 8, 2008

Catholic Guilt? Nahhhhh.

This just in -

Catholic teens are just as shameless as their contemporaries.

The Detroit Free Press yesterday reported that Catholic guilt doesn't exist.

Boy, is that a load off of my mind! I'd just hate to know there are a group of young adults bogged down by a sense of responsibility for their actions. Don't you know, a developed conscience can be quite a burden on an individual.

We wouldn't want morals to get in the way of teens living their lives. Sure, each unburdened individual is just one more straw on the overburdened back of society, but at least the kids feel good about themselves.

Click on the Aslan like creature to read the article.

By the way, I'm feeling a touch guilty that I start this post saying the news was "just in." After all, it was really yesterday's byline - so sorry. Also, I apologize for feeling guilt. I've got to get better at self-actualization. Sigh.

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