Saturday, June 21, 2008

No Wonder there are Statues that are said to Cry

This is just the epitome of sad.

The Brisbane Times is reporting that unconscionably, Archbishop John Bathersby, prelate of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, is allowing a convicted, admitted, pedophile to celebrate the Mass. This directly runs counter to what Pope Benedict said in an in flight interview on his way to the U.S. this past April. At that time the Pope said,

"We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry; it is absolutely incompatible and who is really guilty of being a pedophile cannot be a priest. So at this first level we can do justice and help the victims, because they are deeply affected; these are the two sides of justice: one, that pedophiles cannot be priests and the other, to help in any possible way the victims."

Yes, the whole mess of what is called the American church scandal occurred half a world away from this Australian diocese, but let's get real. What does it take for someone to realize that such a violation is beyond being a mistake? It is graver than what might be termed an indiscretion. If the pope says pedophiles may not function as a priest, there is no grey area - convicted pedophile Ronald John McKeirnan should not participate in a priestly capacity in any of the sacraments.

Archbishop Bathersby, please listen to the Holy Father. How might you expect your flock to follow you if you won't follow your shepherd? Please, for the love of all that you hold sacred, correct this situation.

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