Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ball Blue Give-Away

Ran across a great blog for anyone looking to try their hand at canning this year. In fact, the author of the blog is currently sponsoring a Ball Blue Give-Away with the prize being a Ball brand utensil set and a Ball Blue Book of home preserving! So, go visit The Simple Woman's Cannery before June 9th to participate.

Personally, I'd like to try to can tomato sauce this year.

We have six regular Roma tomato plants in the main vegetable planting bed, two orange Roma plants waiting to go into pots and two Beef Steak tomato plants ready for transplanting. I'm thinking that number of plants should yield enough to make a nice batch of sauce. Otherwise, I'll be spending from mid to late summer eating a whole bunch of tomatoes - no one else in this household will touch a tomato that hasn't been cooked. Hmmm... that makes me wonder how tough it would be to make catsup.

Time to go take another look at The Simple Woman's Cannery.

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amy said...

Hey, Thanks for the tip!