Saturday, June 14, 2008

Concise Explanation of Catholic Devotions

I ran across the explanation below of Catholic devotions and thought you might want to see it. It clearly explains what individuals ignorant of Catholic practices have called idolatry.

"Religious worship is not paid to images, considered in themselves, as things; but according as they are representations leading to God Incarnate. The approach which is made to the image as such does not stop there, but continues towards that which is represented. Hence, because a religious honor is paid to the images of Christ, it does not therefore mean that there are different degrees of supreme worship or of the virtue of religion." St. Thomas Aquinas

I'm thinking Catholics who actively evangelize would do well to carry business cards of this statement. If a non-Catholic started erroneously going on about Catholic "idolatry," they could be offered a smile and one of the cards. Oooooo - a Catholic tract. Imagine

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