Friday, June 6, 2008

Moonlight Cafe - Miraculous Site

The appetite has been satiated;
Vito is a miracle worker!!!

We celebrated the end of the school year by going to Moonlight Cafe in Dover, PA this afternoon - we were out of the door about 15 minutes after the school bus left the neighborhood. As usual, everything was terrific. We had calamari for an appetizer, chicken parm for our entrees and, since this was a celebration, creme brulee and cannoli cake concluded the meal. Believe it or not, Scott ate both desserts.

Two were ordered because he didn't think he'd like the creme brulee, yet I wanted him to try it - he wanted the cake. He thought that I'd be eating the creme brulee after he, like the obedient son he is, humored me by trying it. Well, after one bite, he decided that he was eating the creme; therefore, he hurriedly took a bite of the cake - just to know if he liked it for the next visit - and pushed it toward me, informing me that it was mine and that he'd eat the creme. What that really meant was they both were his.

So, that which previously would have been thought impossible occurred at the ristorante di Angie e Vito. The belly reached maximum capacity. As the picture above indicates, all that was left to him was to totally surrender to the mesmerizing aftereffects of all of that incredibly good food; all he could do was lean back and blankly stare in the direction of the kitchen secure in the knowledge that the belly was full. Ahhhh.

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