Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anglicans in Israel

Heard a blurb about the Global Anglican Future Conference held in Israel that peeked my interest. So, me being me, I decided to look into it.

Well, if an Anglican Conference in Israel sounds a bit incongruous, you might like to know the news source for the story that my google search presented was Yep, Muslim site for news about Anglicans meeting in the country of the Jews. Go figure.

Anyway, so this little Catholic girl (well, actually, large Catholic woman) found out that the result of the conference was that attendees have decided to stand against the liberalism that has become a pervasive influence in their church. They have resolved to openly oppose what has been termed a "false gospel of sexual immorality." This is in direct response to the homosexual American bishop.

The plan developed will formally divide this church that has informally had rival factions. The homosexual issue has been thought to be causing the loss of membership for the last five year. A moderate statistic cited by news articles is that the Anglican church has sustained a 5% decline in membership because of the liberalization of its sexuality stance. Ironically, proponents had promulgated the inclusiveness as a position that would surely foster increased membership.

The Global Anglican Future Conference bishops have clearly stated that they are not leaving the Anglican church. They are saying that they will be remaining in the "Anglican Communion," but what that means is anyone's guess.

May I humbly offer a hand to any and all non-Catholics looking for the glory of Our Lord without a bunch of nonsense?

The Catholic Church - the very heart of Christianity - is open to all. Be bold. Get yourself a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read what is truly Catholic. In it you will find the facts of the Church, not misinformation of propaganda tracts, or odd antidotes of someone's mildly crazed Catholic maiden great aunt who was also known in her town as "the cat lady."

If you are searching, truly search. I trust that you'll find in the Catholic Church the beauty of all that can be offered here on earth.

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