Monday, August 11, 2008

A Window I've Seen Many Times

Below is a picture of a window which I've seen many times but never saw before a visit to a local church last week:
It is the main window of St. Patrick's in York, PA. I've definitely been in the church before. Plus, it sits directly across from a building in which, for many years, my husband used to work. Plus, the church is next to an adoration chapel which I visit. PLUS, it is one of the churches from which our prayer group distributes food, clothes and personal goods to those in need in our area.

I'm not saying that it is the most beautiful, intricate or otherwise stunning window that I've ever seen, but it is interesting enough that I should have at least noticed it before.

Something that I did notice in this picture when it was enlarged is that the window has tons of clovers to it. It was the three leaf clover that St. Patrick is said to have used to explain the Trinity to the Irish.

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