Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain Townhall Meeting - York, PA

Yesterday, Tuesday August 12, 2008, Senator John McCain's "Straight Talk Express" presidential campaign bus tour drove into the the York Expo Center Toyota Arena - literally. As the Rocky movie theme song blast forth from the arena speakers, a huge American flag raised before a large garage door lifting to reveal McCain's bus moving forward. The crowd hooted, hollered, cheered and applauded as the bus, with the candidate standing within view in the interior, moved into the venue.

Below are pictures from the event: The woman below is Nancy K. Otstot. Filled with the energy only a political party National Convention delegate can muster, Nancy Otstot will be a delegate for Pennsylvania's Cumberland County at the 2008 Republican National Convention. The convention will occur September 1st through 4th in Minnesota's twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.Ms. Otstot arrived at the the Toyota arena with some equally patriotic gal pals.I don't get why the little guy's mom likes him dressed like this. Maybe I should have asked her. Perhaps, she felt she was paying homage to Senator McCain's military background. Could be that his father is presently serving in a conflict. Not knowing why a mom would have her youngster dressed pseudo battle ready, my mind goes to what John McCain said in a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, "Only a fool or a fraud sentimentalizes the cruel and merciless reality of war."Above is House of Representative Todd Platt and Scott - yes, more than a bit out of focus.Senator Arlen Spector waiting for his time at center stage. The flag behind him is the one which would soon raise for Senator McCain's bus. Before Senator McCain and his entourage arrived, Congressman Platts spoke to the crowd before the pledge of allegiance (which had a few people spinning because they were unsure of which flag to face because there were multiple flags around the room).
Miss York County, Randi Levenduski, below, did a very fine rendition of the National Anthem.
The crowd stayed standing through Miss Levenduski's song and that of "God Bless the U.S.A" which was performed by York County's Outstanding Teen.
The Bluegrass Brakemen band energized the crowd next.Representative Stan Saylor and Senator Pat Vance each made short addresses.

Then came the bus.
If you look at this second picture of the bus, you may see Senator McCain, Tom Ridge and Senator Joe Lieberman.
You might notice that people weren't waving campaign signs. I was told before the event that McCain didn't want this to be a rally; rather, he hoped it would be a time to speak of the situation in the nation of Georgia and get down to the questions/concerns of the people. That is pretty much what it was.
Senator McCain's daughter, Meghan, watched the gathering from the bus. Meghan McCain is said to blog about the campaign. Due to my dial-up connection (gasp - yes, there are people still using dial-up), I haven't gotten to view her blog yet, but you can visit at Below is Scott with Senator Arlen Spector

The three pictures above show the crush of people who swarmed forward at the end of Senator McCain's town hall meeting.

In one of the smaller pictures you can see Senator Lieberman and in the other, Tom Ridge.

Ridge was the first Director of Homeland Security - before that, the Governor of Pennsylvania. I irritated the former Ridge staffer who sat in front of us when I told her that I was concerned about talk of Ridge as V.P running mate because of his position on abortion. Her faced changed and she turned away from me saying something about it being a non-issue with him.

Scott was fortunate enough to get Senator McCain to sign one of our tickets on his way out of the event. As Senator Lieberman had first passed, before John McCain spoke, Scott had gotten his autograph on the other ticket.

I think more important to my son than any picture taken or autograph signed was that "President McCain," as Scott now refers to him, shook his hand.

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Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed that we forgot our camera when we went to see Senator McCain. But, I was so happy to have met Mary and Scott. Your pictures really captured the moment. You will be included in my prayers. Thank you!