Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cultural satanist?

Anyone who is really connected to their Catholic faith has at least heard, if not uttered, the term Cultural Catholic meaning that being Catholic to someone is more of a cultural identity for the person rather than a "deeper" spiritual identity. A cultural Catholic simply doesn't rigidly adhere to the tenants of the Church.

This isn't something unique to Catholics. Most Jewish people that I know only visit synagogues for Bar/Bas Mitzvahs and weddings - the ones who attend Yom Kippur services are darn near zealots, comparatively. Even amongst the Christians who identify themselves as fundamentalist and who will stand up to say they will not be amongst those "left behind," there are people who simply pick and choose how much of their religion is integrated into their lives.

I'm sure it true of satanists, too.

It only makes sense. How many groups ever form as a totally cohesive unit with complete commitment? If God's people don't, do you really think a fallen angel's people do? How often have you heard people say that they are going to put away their wishes so as to be faithful to something they aren't completely "feeling?" Even with all the worldly trappings satan offers, when your wife, in that less than special tone, says it is date night and that dancing in the moonlight is not on the agenda, you're going to put off your blood offering. Stuff comes up and ya gotta put things in perspective.

There is a judge in Iowa currently trying to put things in perspective for the trial of Lawrence Harris, Sr. who is accused of killing his two step-daughters, 10 year-old Kendra and 8 year-old Alysha Suing. The prosecutors in the trial wish to be able to refer to satanism in their arguments because they feel the evidence indicates that the deaths occurred while Harris was practicing satanism and were the result of a satanic bible ritual.

The defense counsel suggests that the state's attorneys want that inclusion merely as a way to grand stand.

That leaves the trial judge sloshing through the sludge of the satanic bible, along with a high priest of the church of satan's affidavit regarding his church's practices.

I'm just wondering if the high priest might not just be more of a cultural satanist than one would think someone with his title would be. After all, there are actually pro-choice Catholic priests. Or, perhaps, he wants to distance his church, for the sake of its reputation, from such an unskilled layman. After all, in explanation of the killings, Harris told the police "he had been 'casting a spell that went bad.'" Really, what lucifer loving loony wants to be associated with someone who openly admits to error? And let's not forget - the guy actually tried to cover up the murders by trying to burn the house down with the bodies inside. Soooooo amateurish.

Let's pray for Kendra, and Alysha that they may rest in peace.


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