Monday, August 25, 2008

Petition for Adherence to Church Standard

Mid-July I had posted telling you about the president of the University of San Diego's decision to withdraw an offer of the Monsignor John R. Portman Chair, an honorary seat in the theology department that brings with it a position teaching an undergraduate class. Well, since that time, two feminist organizations decided to organize pressure upon the university to confer the honor upon the writer whose positions are in direct opposition to the Church's authority.

It is not made obvious by the university's name, but the University of San Diego is a Roman Catholic institution.

Brian McDaniel has started a a petition in support of the university's position of holding true to the Church in this matter of an honorary seat in the theology department of this Catholic university. He'd like to gather 4000 names by September 3rd, the first day to this semester.

To help out, please go sign Brian's "Support the University of San Diego’s Stance Against Rosemary Radford Ruether" petition. I don't really see it as being against this woman; rather, as being for adherence to the Church's standard.

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