Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eucharist Stealing Student Senator Impeached

The Student Government Association of the University of Central Florida in a vote of 33 to 2 decided to impeach the student senator who "kidnapped" the Eucharist at a Catholic Campus Ministry Mass on June 29th of this year.

The impeachment is not an immediate expulsion of Webster Cook from his student government post. Rather, the impeachment sets in motion an investigation into the matter by the Legislative, Judicial and Rules Committee. Based upon the findings of that committee, the Student Government Association will determine if Cook will be permitted to remain a student senator.

Prior to this evening's SGA meeting Cook decried the whole process. He felt due process was being denied and that there were procedural violations in the case.

"This is malice," Cook said. "They're not interested in finding the truth."

Call me silly, but I personally find his violation of our Eucharistic Lord to be malicious in nature. It was the act of a child incapable of seeing beyond himself, not that of a man who is owed consideration.

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