Sunday, August 10, 2008

No One Could Make this Up

Remember the woman I told you about the other day who had her dog Booger cloned? Well, the story has grown.

It seems that Bernann McKinney is not who she says she is and it seems that she has a an infamous past.

How things look now, her life's headlines could read:
  • Former Miss Wyoming
  • Mormon Convert
  • Alumnus of Brigham Young University
  • Charged in the UK for Kidnapping and Assaulting Missionary
  • Jumped Bail
  • Charged by the State of Utah for Stalking
  • Skipped Out on Utah Case Before Trial
  • Charged for Passing Bad Checks
  • Assaulted Public Officials
  • Equine Cruelty Charge Dismissed
  • Active Warrant for Threatening a Woman in Newland, N.C.
  • Clones Booger
  • Provides False Personal Information to Press
  • Really, Really Wishes No One Looked into Her Past

I know that it is not logical to say that you could expect such a disordered life when it comes to someone who literally sought to violate God's life order by having her dog cloned. Just the same, I think it is not surprising that such a narcissistic person would otherwise live her life in such a selfish manner.

Here is a link to the AP's story on the matter.

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