Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heartwarming Story of a Life Saved

Below is a story originally printed in "The Gift of Life" newsletter, August 2008 issue. It is the real life experience of John Ternan, Chaplain, Cops for Christ.

A Victory at the Hillcrest Holocaust
November 24, 2007, started out like any typical Saturday at Hillcrest Women's Medical Center. Ed Snell, Marlin Scheidler and I arrived around 6:30 A.M. We each took up positions to talk to the women coming in. I was located in the front of the fence along side the driveway entrance to the center.

I held my double-sided sign. On the one side was the heading: I'm the Face of Pro-Choice America and underneath is the picture of an aborted baby. The other side reads: I'm the face of Pro-Life America and underneath is the picture of a smiling newborn. Through the years, this sign has saved many babies. The abortionist, Earl McLeod, had already arrived and many women had already gone into the killing-center. It was now getting late.

A couple had parked in the back and walked up the alley to go into the front door. Ed and Marlin spoke to them and I then showed them my sign and pleaded for the life of the baby. They said nothing and went in. It was late now and I was thinking of leaving, when Clyde walked out and asked to talk with me. The sign and our presence got his attention. Clyde said his girlfriend, Heather, did not want the abortion, but she had no choice, money was a problem.

Clyde told me his background, including a number of years in prison as well as being nearly broke. He relied on Heather's salary. I told him that pro-life volunteers would help him if she would keep the child. Clyde took my telephone number and said he would talk to Heather. He would call me if she did not go through with the abortion. He returned to the abortion center and I went home. I had mixed feelings but hoped Heather would not go through with the abortion.

Later that same day, Clyde called and said Heather did not have the abortion. She wanted to meet and discuss how we could help. Clyde, Heather, Ed and I all met at a local restaurant. We told Heather about the pro-life centers that would help her during and after the pregnancy. She was grateful and ended up going to Life-Choices in Camp Hill. She was treated wonderfully there and was introduced to Pastor Rich Cline and his wife Judy from Cornerstone Fellowship, located in Wormleysburg. Heather faithfully attends and is a cherished member of the church.

I had the privilege to pray with Heather to repent of sin and trust in the Lord Jesus as her Savior. Heather has spiritually matured before my eyes as she trusts Christ to help and provide for her and the baby. She has really made a commitment to the baby. She had to leave a very lucrative job and give up her new vehicle. Clyde has since dropped out of the picture (but we thank God for Clyde, without him the baby, Cayden Anthony, could very well have been killed). Heather now works cleaning houses and babysitting to pay for expenses. During this time she also obtained her GED degree. She will work up to delivery.

Since the above was written by Chaplain McTernan was able to provide an update: "Early in the morning on July 9, 2008, Cayden Anthony left the womb a strapping big-league 9lbs 1oz. A victory for all of us on November 24, 2007, all power to the risen Lord."

When I called "The Gift of Life" newsletter editor, Ed Snell, to ask for permission to reprint this piece here, he told me that Cayden Anthony is doing well. Heather's decision may spare the lives of others, too. Mr. Snell said that their organization's counselors are showing a picture of Cayden at one month on a poster to women entering the "clinic."

I'd like to add one thing to this story - When Chaplain McTernan's story said that Heather would receive help if she decided to keep the child that didn't mean she wouldn't receive help if she decided to place the child up for adoption. Assistance from pro-life centers is available to all pregnant women - whether a woman feels she will parent the baby or if she decides to share the gift of the child with a couple who feels called to be parents.

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