Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Which One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong?

Remember the Sesame Street song, "One of These Things Doesn't Belong?" Well, that song started playing in my mind when I read a story about porn star Jenna Jameson's preganancy. Below are items from the piece:

  • She is thrilled at the idea of having a baby

  • She had previously, unsuccessfully, tried in vitro as another means to get pregnant.

  • A devoted Catholic, Jameson believed that “It was all in God’s plan.”

  • “I think I’m gonna stay unmarried and just go for the babies!” she told US.

  • “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps!”

Now, which one of those things just doesn't belong?

They are definitely all from the same article. Not that I usually have any thoughts regarding Jenna Jameson, I think that it would be a good thing if, as she prepares for the baby, she has an authentic experience of her Catholic faith.

Best wishes, Jenna!

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