Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moonlight Cafe in the Middle of the Day

I'll give you one guess where we went today.

Scott had his usual, but, uncommonly, he had a complaint.
Can you imagine?
If you are from the York, PA area, you might be inclined to think I'm lying when I say that Scott had a complaint about the food at Moonlight Cafe in Dover, but it is true.
Yep, he told me that we should complain to the owner/chef because the food is soooo good and there is soooo much of it.
Evidently, he had decided before we ever got in the door that he wanted creme brulee and, as he was eating, he realized that if he ate all of his meal that he wouldn't have enough room for dessert.

Oh, the travesty.

Moonlight Cafe was our first stop of a day that was to be spent running errands. That meant there was no way we could take any leftover portions with us.

What a veritable conundrum! Well, as the pictures bear witness, creme brulee trumps a meal's side dish.

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