Monday, July 21, 2008

Catholicism Cool

The following was the lead into an article in the Australian secular press today:

YOU'VE got to hand it to the Catholics.

Until World Youth Day came along I was sure the local priest was only good for getting hammered at your wedding reception or polishing off Mum's Christmas cake.

Who would have thought the daggy Catholic folk many of us grew up with could pull off such a cool event. And cool it has been. Woodstock met the Olympics in Sydney last week, only no bongs and no beers. Just a good few bongo drums played by nuns in funky sunnies and sneakers, and the unreserved faith of hundreds of thousands of cheerful young people. And miraculously, Catholicism actually became cool.

Imagine that. Catholicism cool.

I could have told you that.
I guess we "cool" people just instinctively know stuff like that. ;-)

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Aodh said...

Hi Mary,
I am very familiar with Bishop Rhoades and his inclusion of artistic quality in the Harrisburg Diocese. Bishop Rhoades and I both attended Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia for college. He is a year ahead of me at Overbrook.
I also have a classmate Fr.Tom Rozman that is Pastor of the Cathedral in Harrisburg. The quality of the renovations there is superlative and a great testament to Bishop Rhoades vision for the Diocese of Harrisburg.
Thank you for reading my works at