Friday, July 18, 2008

The Brown Scapular

Below is a portion of an article that was published on yesterday - I didn't run across it until a little bit ago, though. The article by Discalced Carmelite Father Kieran Kavanaugh clearly explains the brown scapular.

It seems that few people outside of the Carmelite Order recognize the brown scapular. Except for an extremely exuberant young woman outside of the National Basilica who squealed her delight when she say my scapular, "Eeeoowwww. I just loooove the scapular!!!!!!! Don't you?," I can't think of anyone else ever recognizing it by name. The closest was when a man told me my "badge" was showing. I liked that word choice, but wondered if I should explain what it is sometime (we belong to the same parish).

Anyway, I found this to be a fine explanation:

Church position

With regard to the scapular as a conventional and sacred sign, the Church has intervened at various times in history to clarify its meaning, defend it, and confirm the privileges.
From these Church documents there emerges with sufficient clarity the nature and meaning of the Carmelite scapular.

1. The scapular is a Marian habit or garment. It is both a sign and pledge. A sign of belonging to Mary; a pledge of her motherly protection, not only in this life but after death.

2. As a sign, it is a conventional sign signifying three elements strictly joined: first, belonging to a religious family particularly devoted to Mary, especially dear to Mary, the Carmelite Order; second, consecration to Mary, devotion to and trust in her Immaculate Heart; third an incitement to become like Mary by imitating her virtues, above all her humility, chastity, and spirit of prayer.

Even though I only gave you this tidbit, the whole article is worth reading. Click here to see full article.

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