Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Canadians Have Heart

Pro-lifers have been decrying the fact that an abortion practitioner who performed thousands of abortions before they were even able to be performed legally has been made a member of the "Order of Canada" - the highest civilian Canadian honor. There have been multiple letter writing campaigns to urge the honor be rescinded.

I didn't even mention it here before this because I figured that if nothing would change the situation I wasn't going to put this man's name any further in the forefront (as if being in my blog would advance his notoriety - but you know what I mean). Well, obviously by virtue of the fact that I'm typing this right now, things have changed. Below is a portion of an article from

Catholic Group Returns Order of Canada After Abortion Practitioner Awarded
Ottawa, Canada ( -- After the organization that awards the Order of Canada decided to give one of the prestigious medals to abortion practitioner Henry Morgentaler, pro-life advocates immediately criticized the decision. Now they're going a step further and returning their own medals as a way of protesting the decision.
Officials with the Madonna House have returned the medal that Catherine Doherty, founder of the charity and who is under study for sainthood in the Catholic Church, received.
Doherty founded the Ontario charity in 1947, received the order in 1976 and died in 1985.
Fr. David May, a Madonna House director, said in a press release that "She exemplified what the Order of Canada should be about: an individual committed to strengthening the nation by her contribution to the vulnerable and the marginalized."
"It is only after much prayer and consultation with our community, as well as with heavy hearts, that we are undertaking this action," he added.
Officials with the Madonna House plan to gather at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, the official residence of Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean who bestowed the order on Morgentaler, to return the medal. Full story at

I like this. I really like this.
How much clearer of a message could one send than to return that which once meant something?!

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