Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can You Give Two Hours to Make a Difference?

Do you live in South Dakota? Near Sioux Falls? Perhaps, you have friends living near there who you could tell about this, too?

If so, you and/or your friends could be part of making a mark on the fabric of our country.

Throughout the month of August, many events have been planned across South Dakota where Vote Yes For Life will be promoting the message of LIFE. With only 97 days until the November 4th vote, time is of the essence.

Although everyone is busy during these summer months, too much is at stake not to get involved!

The next event that Vote Yes For Life has a need for volunteers is in Sioux Falls. They need 30 people who can work one 2-hr shift at the Sioux Empire Fair which runs from August 5-10.

That isn't much of a committment to help a vital cause. Why not take this opportunity to help save lives? South Dakota is currently the front line. Wonderful things are underway. South Dakota's election will be a matter of losing or gaining ground in the pro-life cause. The impact will be felt throughout our country.

Only two hours to make a difference. Please prayerfully consider helping - and let your friends in South Dakota know of this need.

Contact Vote Yes For Life at:

3500 S Louise Avenue •
PO Box 461 •
Sioux Falls, SD 57101 •

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