Thursday, July 24, 2008

HUGE Yard Sale - Palomino Rd - Dover, PA

You could say this is a posting by my son, even though I'm the one who took the pictures and am currently typing these words. The reason it could be said to be Scott's posting is because he is the one who thought the pictures should be taken and the words typed.You see, we stopped at a yard sale today --- a HUGE yard sale for Human Life Services.Human Life Services of York, PA provides what their name says. If there is something that is needed to help a woman carry a pregnancy to term or to help a family parent, they are there to do what is needed.Well, once a year - around this time of year - a family in Dover, PA has a yard sale to support Human Life Services. The yard sale items are donated from a multitude of people. All money earned goes to support this pro-life group. I was told this is the fourth year of this annual event.So, if you are looking for incredible bargains, this is the place to go. I found the diversity of things available to be beyond any yard sale I've attended. Scott said the food is great. We both think it benefits a great cause!
To get to the yard sale, please mapquest 2001 Palomino Rd, Dover, PA 17315. This is only a two day sale. Tomorrow, Friday, July 25th, is the last day of this year's sale. There are signs as to where to turn for the sale. I can't imagine anyone driving on the main route that runs through the Dover area and not coming across one of the signs for it. We weren't looking for yard sales, but certainly found ourselves there - and were glad of it!

Yes, I know that most people who happen upon this will not be from the York/Harrisburg area, but I posted this mainly because I liked that Scott wanted to help Human Life Services. If you're a mom, you know what I mean. Good price, lots of items (even a computer came in while we were there!), yummy food - all for a good cause - yet my main motive is da kid.

I'm guessing that's okay though. After all, Human Life Services about moms focusing on their kids and doing what it takes to mother them, right?

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