Thursday, May 29, 2008


This past week, while I'm on the computer and my husband is in the next room I've frequently heard commercials for a new show coming out this summer, Swingtown.

The premise is that when a family in the 1970's moves to a new neighborhood they find that "swinging" is part of the subculture. The tone of the commercials is that everyone is doing it and if someone isn't then they are missing out on something good.

Swinging does go on, and it did in the 70's. No question, but that doesn't mean that it ought seen as valid fodder for network produced entertainment. I am opposed to it being made to seem as if it is normative behavior. The reason being is that once it is seen as a norm in on a television show, it opens it up to being acceptable in other realms. To promote aberrant behavior is to foster societal degradation.

By choosing to broadcast this show, CBS is showing that there are no boundaries as to what they will put in your home. "Pushing the envelope" isn't a relevant phrase in this case. The envelope has been shred and tossed out with yesterday's garbage --- so as to make room for the biggest pile of trash for which advertisers would empty their pockets.

I don't even want to imagine what will be the next big show to be developed for public consumption.

Unfortunately, this is what we have proven to networks and advertiser that we want. We spend Sunday evening with a bunch of Desperate Housewife, Monday we can hang out with some Gossip Girls then chill at One Tree Hill, on Tuesday we search for souls with the Reaper, hump day finds us with Men in Trees, Thursday offers a Supernatural way to get Lost, the Ghost Whisperer helps us end the work week. I'm not sure if we just don't critically look at what we are offered or if this is really what we want. I hope it's not.

Dear Lord,
Afford us the gift of prudence
Allow that we make choices that please You.

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