Friday, May 30, 2008


Well since people evidently couldn't figure it out on their own, the Vatican had to formally acknowledge the automatic excommunication of the women who are playing priest.

Vatican: Attempted ordination of women incurs excommunication
By Cindy Wooden
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Vatican's doctrinal congregation has decreed formally that a woman who attempts to be ordained a Catholic priest and the person attempting to ordain her are automatically excommunicated.
"Both the one who attempts to confer a sacred order on a woman, and the woman who attempts to receive a sacred order, incur an excommunication 'latae sententiae,'" or automatically, said a decree from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Full story

Women priests do not exist in the Roman Catholic Church - period.

Any female saying that she is a priest is obviously not part of the Latin Rite Church. Services by these individuals are schismatic - they have nothing to do with the Catholic Church and are, therefore, separate from the Church. If an Assembly of God minister called himself a Catholic priest, it would be a lie (plus, his congregation would probably have him institutionalized) just as much as it is a lie for any woman to say she is a Catholic priest.

Just because I might call myself purple, I am not purple - no matter how much I like the color.

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