Friday, May 16, 2008

Rockin' the Mission

Last night's Life on the Rock featured members of Family Mission Company.

I've often thought that, if I didn't have the physical limitations, I'd love to do a mission and definitely would like to see my son have the opportunity to be part of a missionary effort. Knowing your faith well enough to purposefully explain it to others can only help you grow in your faith. To concretely commit yourself to sharing Christ to the point of leaving home, family and friends has to be incredibly invigorating. Living in community with others so committed has to be a blessing too - even during those oh too human times of familiarity breeding mild momentary disdain (not really saying anything bad -- remember, Christ had to even go off by Himself at times).

Anyway, Family Mission Company is a Catholic lay apostolate that is set up to facilate missionary work. They offer both short and long term mission assignments. The short term assignments last one or two weeks in a foreign country.

The commitment for the long-term assignments is two years. They train individuals, couples and families - each is to prayfully discern their calling as part of the training process. In fact, a significant part of the two year term is spent in training/discerning period. This definitely seems to be a ministry open to the workings of the Holy Spirit in that if someone feels drawn to an area that FMC doesn't already have missions, they will contact the Bishop of that region to determine need and to gain apostolic authority for the mission. Not only does it help to secure a focus for each community, the missionaries have the support and "protection" of the diocesan prelate.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the whole program but hope to catch a repeat broadcast. You can still catch it, too --- EWTN Friday at 1PM & Sunday at 11PM (Eastern time). Clicking on the Family Mission Company name will take you to their site.

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