Sunday, May 18, 2008

Compassion York

Okay, now this is just me approximating:

276 meals served = 552 slices of american cheese + 1656 pieces of meat + 690 slices of tomatoes + 100's of 1,000's of shreds of lettuce + a river of tears worth of onions + 276 rolls

And that is just the subs!

There was also punch, apple sauce, chips, water and cookies served.

Additionally offered was prayer, smiles, personal item bags, conversation, blankets, clothing, concern and more smiles.

I think there were more vehicles used to move everything to the two sites, but I remember three (3) pick-up trucks, a station wagon and a mid-size car being unloaded.

As for the number of volunteers - probably around 35. Now you should know that most, at some point in their lives, were named Staub or are married to a Staub or have grandparents with the last name Staub. There were also a couple people there who are Staub's but not by lineage; rather, by heart. Those Staubs are pretty good folk.

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