Sunday, May 4, 2008

Running and Exchanging Pleasantries (?)

The first year of the Running of the Bulls the people of Pamplona probably thought it was an event that wouldn't catch on. There probably weren't that many people even running the first year. Well, Palm Beach, just had the first placenta attached running of the newborn and I'm thinking that it just won't catch on. Sincerely hoping that it won't catch on. There were only two participants, one runner. Seems unlikely to become an annual event.

I'm serious. Click that link. Come back, but click the link.

Pretty sad, all the way around.

Okay, are you back?

Bet you think I want to talk about that girl.

I could. Not going to, but could.

Or, maybe, you think I'm going to talk about the need for children to feel they can talk to their parents about anything.

I could. Not going to, but could

Instead, I'm going to relay a conversation I had with a mom, I'll call her Sue, yesterday. The news story the link takes you to brought the conversation to mind. At the celebration of her niece's Confirmation and her nephew's First Communion, four of us were chatting next to the buffet table. The other two were the grandmothers of the kids, one being Sue's mom.

One of the two grandparents asked if Sue's sixteen year old son John had his eye on any girl yet.

- Oh, yes. He has a girlfriend he's serious about.

The obvious next question was whether they been dating long.

- It's been for a couple months.

Nodding in the direction of her nineteen year old daughter Nicole who was on the floor with her two year old daughter, she went on.

- Seeing the difficulties that one had and has, has taught him a thing or two. Really opened his eyes. Knows to think things out.

Not exactly knowing what to say but, being one who feels compelled to talk when there is awkward silence. I smiled and filled the air with my voice.

- That's good. Not only has the situation been a pro-life statement for your family, but one for purity. That's

Before I could say, "great," Sue sneered and told us of her children, thereby telling something of herself.

- Not my kids. There's no way with those two.

She started to move out of the room. The whole conversation, Sue's arms had been crossed. They stayed crossed even as she walked out of the room.

-I think it taught him to use some kind of protection.

Exit stage right.

As I said, I'm sure that says something about the kids and their mom, I'm just not really sure what it says though. I do know that it makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to my very core. Maybe I'm not sure what it says because I don't want to.

God, please give us the wisdom to raise our children as you wish. Grant that we are true to this arduous vocation of parenthood.

When we weary, refresh us.

When we make mistakes, correct us.

When our feet stray from your path, right them.

Without you we can do nothing, for you're are indeed our loving Father who wants nothing but the best for us, your children. May we always rejoice in that truth and mirror it to our children.

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