Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Raw Language Offends the Moral Palate

I think that I'd like to live in Australia. A country begun as a prison colony seems to have an actual sense of moral decency - one that by far surpasses that of our nation.

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ chef provokes Catholic complaints in Australia

Adelaide, May 7, 2008 / 02:45 am (CNA).-
The Catholic Diocese of Adelaide has voiced its displeasure with the foul-mouthed television chef, Gordon Ramsay, saying his expletive-filled reality television shows should be either taken off the air or shown at a later time.
The diocese’s complaint came during an inquiry in the Australian Senate, which was prompted by British chef Gordon Ramsay’s behavior in his television shows “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The Courier Mail reports that one recently broadcast episode shows Ramsay using a four-letter expletive more than 80 times and shouting “You French pig” at a chef.

In a statement to the parliamentary inquiry the Diocese of Adelaide said, “There can be no excuse for vilification of this sort. We conclude that this episode should never have been aired on Australian television.” Full story

This isn't just a matter of "censoring" vile language. Gordon Ramsey had hoped to open a restaurant in Sydney, Australia but his plans were evidently denied because of indecency. Language can be seen as either decent or indecent - acceptable or unacceptable. I can only imagine that a high standard for acceptable conduct in a society makes for a better society. I don't know when the disconnect happened in our society (okay, I do have my ideas but am not going there), but we definitely could use a reconnect. It really isn't a bad thing to have values... and to put them in to action. Really.

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