Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Baby Saved, a Family Begun

When I posted about the kick-off rally for 40 Days for Life in Harrisburg, PA, I indicated that there was a story Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, told at the rally that I wanted to retell here. Well, thanks to Mr. Ciccocioppo, I can do better than that. Below is his speech which he presented at the 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Rally.

At the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation we are on the front lines of the cause for LIFE --- 24 – 7. We educate on the truth about abortion, infanticide and euthanasia everyday, in many ways
from Philadelphia to Erie and Scranton to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between. We are vigilante in promoting laws and public policy that respect the right to life of every living person, born and unborn

Sometimes we don’t see all the fruits of our labors, sometimes we do.

The same can be said by those who pray for an end to abortion and by those who pray for women entering abortion centers. Sometimes a turn-around is obvious. But no one really knows how their prayers touch the hearts of those who are being prayed for... that is, until they tell us.

Let me tell you the story of one day at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

It was a few years ago when we received a call from Christine. Christine said that we didn’t know her but she wanted us to pass on a message.

She told the story of how she and her boyfriend, Tim, found out she was pregnant in August of the previous year. She was terrified, scared, and alone. She did not know what to do.

She and Tim were not married. They both had things going on in there lives that did not include children, and they were just not ready for that kind of commitment.

She said she didn't believe in abortion, yet, all of a sudden, it seemed like the best thing to do. She had a job, wasn't done with school, and enjoyed her freedom .

Tim was working, and trying to get his life together. He wanted to work on his music and play pool.

How could they be parents of a child she thought?

They started to believe that the baby would be better off if it were not born. They started to believe that the best thing for everyone would to be to end the pregnancy, never tell anyone and go on with life just as before.

She called the Hillcrest Abortion Center in Harrisburg and made the appointment. The next morning, they made the drive to Harrisburg. She said she felt sick, sad, and scared. She thought, "What if it hurts? What if I can't have kids again? What if something goes wrong?"

She had just become a Christian in July!! She didn't know what to do, so she said she prayed. She prayed for a sign, something from the Lord to tell her NO!! Traffic, a broken down car, anything.

When they arrived, she said, the Lord answered her prayers. She said she believed that He sent his messengers to pray that day in front of the abortion center to show her the horror of what she was about to do. He gave her a sign.

These people gave their time to save unborn babies.

She and Tim never entered that facility or even drove in the drive way. They drove past, parked the car, and sat and cried for an hour. She called Hillcrest and they were cold and uncaring. They said, “You just ignore those crazy religious fanatics!”

Christine said she knew the people at Hillcrest could not be of God.

So they drove home, somber, yet relieved. She knew then that this was something she had to deal with.

She was going to be a mom and the Lord would walk with her the whole way and He did.

Her pregnancy was without incident. She said the greatest of all gifts she received was her son, Christian Timothy - born on April 21st, 2003 at 7:47 in the evening. She said that she will never forget the feeling of seeing him for the first time, of hearing his cry. And she exclaimed, “The blessings have not stopped ”

She ended the conversation by saying that she can't express enough gratitude to those people who volunteered that day to pray at Hillcrest, who gave up their free time to stand for something they believed in. She said she wished she could thank each and everyone personally, “They changed my life.”

She said to tell them all that they are angels and I will never forget you. She e-mailed us a photo of Baby Christian.

Just last month, she sent us another e-mail. She wanted us to know they are all doing fine and five year old Christian has a little brother now.

She continues to be grateful to those who were praying that fateful day.

And so, as you pray at this place of death and evil during these next 40 days and beyond, other Christines and Tims may drive past and decide not to go through with it. Other little ones, like Baby Christian, will be spared and you may never even know about them.

It’s not important that you know about them. It’s only important that you answer the call to prayer. And trust that the Lord, in His infinite mercy, will save the lives of so many. And spare their moms and dads of lives of regret and unrelenting sadness and sorrow.

It is not for us to know God's ways. It is a gift just to be able to trust in Him and have hope that we might be of service to Him.

Merciful God, Author of Life, -
Bless all involved in 40 Days for Life.
Guide tireless prayer, unerring witness and meaningful sacrifice.
Dispel the darkness which envelops our country.
Touch hearts with the light of Your love.
Remove the scourge of abortion from our land.
Forgive our sinful ways.
We ask this in the name of Your Most Holy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Visit Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation at www.paprolife.org

Or call: 717-541-0034

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