Friday, September 5, 2008

Pennsylvania Campaign Ad - Extreme Position on Choice

Perhaps I am not capable of understanding the nuances of the word "extreme" with relation to the "Choice" issue. You see, from what I understand of this ad that was in today's mail, it seems that the Obama campaign is saying that McCain is the extremist with relation to this issue when one considers candidate positions. Yet that isn't how I see it.
My impression/understanding/feelings with relation to this issue is that the most "Extreme Position on Choice" rests with the candidate who could not bring himself to vote to save a child needing medical attention if the child is born -- in other words, is outside of the mother -- as the result of a botched abortion. Barack Obama has lied, back pedalled and lied again (but with a differing story) when it comes to the public voting record related to legislation regarding this issue. The record is clear...
Obama voted AGAINST saving the life of a child born of a botched abortion.
Denying a living breathing newborn medical care is undeniably the most extreme choice. A wholly unconscionable choice. A choice that makes it easy to discern for whom I'll vote.

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