Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obama Needs to Review His Target Audience

Okay, last week they called to ask me to made a $200 donation.

This week I got this in the mail:

What the Obama campaign saw as a way to sway voters for their candidate, only makes me proud that I can vote for a forthright leader who can be proud of his record with relation to abortion. As the ad shows, John McCain has not in any way hidden his his agenda. Can the other candidate, in good conscience say the same?

The reverse side of this piece of mail bears a picture and quote of a nurse practitioner saying the Planned Parenthood party line about abortion being a decision "between a woman and her doctor." The thing I don't get is who this woman is and why Pennsylvania voters should care to see or hear from her.

Google searches for a nurse by the name given proved to be fruitless.

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