Saturday, September 27, 2008

Minnesota ACLU Picks Up Tab for South Dakota Volunteers

Is there any logical explanation for an organization whose "About Us" page says it exists solely to "protect the civil liberties of Minnesotans" can justify its campaign "to persuade South Dakotans to vote against the abortion ban?"**

Not that I can see. It defies logic.

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota will be sponsoring volunteers to go to South Dakota and talk to voters. Travel, and most meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including vegetarian options) will be provided. There will also be lots of hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies for those hitting the streets and turning the tide in this critical election effort."** "Lodging scholarships" are being provided to those requesting them.

Their site is says this as a this a way for individuals to be "part of defeating South Dakota's ban on virtually all abortions and protecting reproductive freedom."** They justify their efforts "in Sioux Falls because freedom can't protect itself."** Call me silly but it seems that the reality is that big money is being thrown at this measure from the abortion industry which can't afford its passage.

In that it is comical that this Minnesota group is showing extreme partiality by stretching their politically partisan neck across state lines yet touts itself as a "nonpartisan, impartial organization," my response is that of an comic strip cat responding to a particular offensive hairball, "GAACKKK!" Though comical, it is decidedly disgusting.

Someone ought sue them for misappropriating funds that are specifically to be spent for Minnesota civil liberty protection.

** Source: MN ACLU Mobilization page.

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