Monday, April 14, 2008

The View

I watched a portion of The View this morning. It was while Joy and Whoppi were arguing with Elizabeth (Sherri was staying relatively quiet) about John McCain and Barack Obama. No one was saying too terribly much, just passing raised voices. Something Joy Behar said right as they were going to break has come to mind throughout the day though.

Behar said that during an off camera moment the day McCain was on the show she asked him how he could be so obviously anti-woman by being against abortion rights.

Cut to commercial - while Elizabeth, in an exercise in futility, winds up to disagree.
There are three things I found tasteless in what Joy Behar said:
1. She publicly revealed a conversation without McCain being able to publicly answer.
2. The usage of moment before break so that her agenda could be promulgated without opportunity for an exchange of ideas which is touted as the core format of the show - it might as well have been a commercial in and of itself.
3. The concept that women giving birth to children, rather than killing them, is a very anti-woman stance. To be against the murder of the most innocent in our society is vilified because we have become so focused upon the individual in society that we can't see beyond the individual to the elevation of the individual with in the community; we can't see the tremendous value inherent to giving life; legal infanticide is thought to be a basic pro-woman position.
Ehhhh. That is so absurd that it pains me.

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