Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Things Found on YouTube

This past weekend I stopped in at a friend's house to check on her cat. While there I, dial-up service user, decided to take her Verizon FIOS for a spin. With my normal connection, a visit to YouTube is futile, on her's it was quite productive. Here are the videos which I ran across that I liked best:

O Salutaris Hostia - Nuns sing it - Friars sing it

I can only imagine/Adoration:

Elizabeth of the Trinity - Check out the bio info on this 17 year old girl -- gotta love her

The Holy Face -The song,"Your Holy Face" written and performed by Paul Lisney, is beautiful. Most pictures are from the movie "The Passion Of The Christ"

In case you can't view the videos, I'll put the word to the song by Paul Lisney at the end of this post. It really is lovely.

Before I do that though, I have to make note of the fact that although I appreciated the "The Holy Face" video, I found it difficult to watch. Most of the images are from "The Passion of The Christ" movie. That's a film that I haven't been able to bring myself to watch. I can only imagine that it is one tough movie to absorb. I mean, really, it's focus is to show the pain, suffering and degradation of the most innocent of loving innocents to have ever lived. Why do I want to subject myself to that anguish - what else would it be for a Christian to see that film but an incredibly anguishing experience? Deicide, the killing of my Lord and Savior, just doesn't fit in my slot for entertainment. I know lots of people who found it to be edifying, but I just can't imagine liking it at all.
Having said that, here are those lyrics that I promise:


I rest with You in prayer
The night is quiet and
the soft light plays upon the beauty of Your face

I look into Your eyes
And feel You come to life
The face behind the Shroud Your eyes beholding me

But if I saw You truly as You were
Your beauty marred by those You loved
I could not look upon Your Holy Face
Disfigured, bruised, torn and bleeding
Repulsed by all, Your Mother (Father) weeping
Forgive me for I fear I could not look upon Your face

Your portrait in my hands
I see more than a man
Images and hallowed scenes come to life before me

Your Mother's face comes into view
Your eyes are hers, it's true
I gaze in wonder, feeling peace
Her gentle smile soothing

The Cross is plain to see
The light of love emblazoned in Your countenance
Promising life to all who will believe

But in the shadows of Your face
A darker Cross reveals its place
Showing me the price You paid to loose the chains that bind me

But when I see myself through Your eyes
And understand that Your beauty
Was marred by all the wrong I've ever done
You bore the ugliness of all my sins

It was my sins that scourged and crowned You
Bruised Your Face and spit upon You
Emotions well within my body
Still I doubt my sincerity

How hard it is to hear and bear, my Lord, I hide in shame
For surely if I loved You, I would look upon Your face
Lord give me the courage, help me look upon Your face

Upon Your Holy Face
May the light of Thy face shine upon us
Upon Your Holy Face

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