Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check This Out

This is such a new blog that it seems a bit odd to be pointing out the fact that I am adding a new item to one of the sidebar sections, but this addition warrants special notice:


Catholics Come Home is a fledgling site organized by a dynamic group of people who have long been concerned for Christ's people and the issues impacting them. Experienced people of deep faith have come together to help give not only former and non-Catholics a firmer footing from which to step in today's wobbly society, but Catholics Come Home is also a resource for those fortunate to be members of Christ's Church. The site's right sidebar buttons even allow for navigation specific to each of the groups - Non, Former, Presently Catholic.

There are videos, links and lots of info.

Please go take a look. Share the site with your friends, family (immediate and extended) and pastor.
Just don't SPAM. I'm not sure, but SPAMing - even for a cool site with a wonderful mission - just might be a modern day form of venial sin.

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