Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gross or Cute - I Vote for Cute

I definitely believe in the promotion pro-life issues, but, just the same, I can't get behind graphic images of abortion "wrapped" on a vehicle so as to inform the public of the grizzly reality of abortion. Instead, I prefer illustrator/cartoonist Gary Cangemi's billboard's of Umbert the Unborn. To see a few go here:

My favorite one shows Umbert wearing a baseball cap while holding a bat and bears the message, "Life is like baseball... Everyone deserves a chance at bat!"

Back when I was oh so compassionately pro-choice, Cangemi's billboards would have caused me to think about the message, whereas a truck bearing images of what I perceived to be "fetal tissue" would have only caused me to turn away. That or strengthened my resolve against the "ignorant" pro-life platform. Below is the article that made me think about this issue. It was in tomorrow's e-mail newsletter from that I got in my mailbox about 15 minutes ago.

Driver of Truck With Abortion Images Threatened With Arrest in Kansas

Olathe, KS ( -- For the third time this year, local officials are battling the drivers of trucks bearing graphic images of abortion and threatening them with arrest. In the latest case in Kansas, Ronald Brock was threatened with arrest and impoundment of his vehicle. According to the pro-life group Operation Rescue, Olathe Police Sgt. David Haldeman told Brock he must leave the city or "live with the results." Officials said Brock would be charged with "promoting obscenity" if he remained in Olathe, for images displayed on his vehicle that depicted aborted babies and others comparing abortion to genocide during World War II. Brock had spent the previous day in Olathe parked outside the Johnson County Courthouse and OR told he was observed by dozens of police officers without incident. Even though Brock believes Olathe police would be violating his First Amendment free speech rights, he immediately left Olathe to avoid an illegal arrest and vehicle impoundment. Full story at
By the way Gary Cangemi has a book out of Umbert cartoons that is amazingly inexpensive - you'll find it on Umbert/Cangemi's site:

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