Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Rosaries to the World

I ran across this article on a Central New Jersey web site:

Since 1992, Holy Cross Family Ministries has given away approximately 17 million Rosaries. The mission is to provide people from all around the world with Rosaries. There is no charge and Rosaries can be sent to families, schools and parishes.

The Rosary has been a major influence in Roman Catholic thought for over 500 years while paving the way for a greater understanding of the mystery of Christ; celebrated within family prayer.

Holy Cross Family Ministries believes in the importance of family prayer so much so, that they do not want anyone in the world to be without the Rosary. So they have been fulfilling their goals by providing the rosaries free of charge to anyone and everyone.

Rosaries for the world would not be possible if it were not for the support of parishes and individuals who donate Rosaries to the cause.

Website owner Jose Rodriguez of has decided to join forces and help support the goal of providing Rosaries to the world. is an affiliate of VMC Satellite an authorized retailer of Dish Network. Rodriguez has been selling Dish Network since 2004. Rodriguez has vowed to donate $10.00 for every Dish Network that is installed using his website. He states that Holy Cross Family Ministries has a great vision and that they are helping many people including people in remote parts of the world who would otherwise not be able to afford Rosaries. Rodriguez has donated in the past and wants to continue to contribute to the cause.

Anyone interested in receiving Rosaries can visit & clicking on Rosaries. People are also encouraged to donate for the cause which can be done on the website as well.

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