Friday, October 31, 2008

40 Days for Life - the State of the Cause

As the end of the current 40 Days for Life is coming to a close, has an article discussing the cause. Below is a portion of that article.

"Tens of thousands of people have prayed in front of abortion facilities, many for the first time," David Bereit, the campaign director, explained. "They see the impact of that peaceful presence, and they yearn to keep going."

Beginning September 24, intensive 40 Days for Life campaigns have been conducted in more than 175 communities in 47 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and two Canadian provinces.

Bereit said the biggest success of the campaign may have been jumpstarting efforts by existing groups to do more in their community and taking existing efforts that had grown stale and given them new life.

"People across the country have expressed an interest in getting involved in the effort to end abortion," said Bereit, "but far too often, they didn't know where to start. 40 Days for Life provided a starting point. Now they've seen what can happen; and now that they've taken that first step, they're eagerly anticipating additional opportunities for continuing their pro-life outreach."

"We know of at least 441 lives that were saved from abortion as a result of the 40 Days for Life effort thus far," said Bereit. "But those are not the only lives that have been changed."

"We hear every day about people seeking help who have been dealing with abortion experiences - some of them have been hurting for more than 30 years," he added. "There are people in the abortion industry who have been touched by this effort. They, too, are witnessing the power of prayer at work first hand." Click HERE to read the complete article.

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